FREE Event: Museum Conversations: Curating Data/Challenging History

Museum Conversations: Curating Data/Challenging History


Monday, April 11, 2016, 6:30pm


Northwest Building, B-103, 52 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA
Free event parking is available at the 52 Oxford Street Garage.

Left: Fred Wilson Photo by Andrew Walker; Right: Laura Kurgan

Fred Wilson, artist and Laura Kurgan, Associate Professor of Architecture, Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation, and Director of the Center for Spatial Research and of the Visual Studies curriculum, Columbia University

In this year’s seminar on innovative curatorial practice, Laura Kurgan of Columbia University and artist Fred Wilson will, from different perspectives, reflect on their work to reimagine how museum exhibits present information, often by juxtaposing the unexpected to create new insights. Their short presentations will be followed by a moderated discussion.

Public Lecture. Free and open to the public.

Co-sponsored by the Harvard Museums of Science & Culture and the Harvard Art Museums as part of the Harvard Museums’ Seminar on Innovative Curatorial Practice

Event: Visitor Studies Association Conference


July 19-23, Hyatt Regency Boston

With 14 in-depth workshops ranging from introductory statistics to data visualization and reporting, over 45 presentations of papers, roundtables, and think tanks, and keynote speakers from across the fields of data visualization and data science, the 2016 VSA conference will not disappoint! Check out the conference schedule of events and the workshops offered.

In addition to a robust schedule of sessions, workshops, and keynote speakers, The Data Revolution will offer space for both the discussion of innovative uses of data, presentation of new findings and methods, as well as opportunities to reflect on the purpose and utility of current data collection, analysis, and visualization techniques and the ethical and practical issues around collecting and sharing data on audiences.

Register NOW at the cheapest rate. The early bird registration pricing is available for two months, but don’t delay, as workshops have limited space available.

Worried about Boston housing being too expensive? VSA is offering a forum for all attendees to find a roommate.

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What We’re Reading: “5 Ways to Get a Woman Out of the Kitchen”

I follow the American Association of State and Local History on facebook (which I would highly recommend!). The other day, they reposted an entry from their blog that caught my eye.

5 Ways to Get a Woman Out of the Kitchen,” written by Dollie Boyd, discusses an important aspect of interpretation: how to bring to life the people often found on the periphery. In this case, the person in question is Sarah McEwen Doak, wife of Rev. Doak of Doak’s House in Greeneville, TN. The only mention of her in the visitor tour was in relation to her 13 children, which Boyd recognized as an issue that often happens in historic houses. The article talks about strategies that can be used to transform the way that we think about existing interpretation. It can be easy to continue on with current tours or exhibitions, especially with low budgets or small staff numbers. However, it is important to take a step back from everyday museum life and examine what we are interpreting and how. 

This article is a good reminder for any museum, aside from historic houses, not to become complacent with the interpretation that is already in place. Who is on the margins of the stories we are telling? Whose voices are not being heard? Keep in mind that even if there is a particular point of view present, it may be marginalized, as was the case with Sarah McEwen Doak.



Weekly Jobs Roundup

Here’s our weekly roundup of new jobs. As always, they go up immediately on their own page. Happy hunting!