Gallery Administrator / Volunteer

The Gallery Committee of the Belmont Gallery of Art seeks an enthusiastic and qualified volunteer for the position of Gallery Administrator.  The position offers valuable experience to be gained while managing a rising non-profit community visual art gallery, now entering its 6th year of operation.

Description:   The Gallery Administrator reports to the Gallery Committee and is responsible for managing day-to-day operations while overseeing organizational and operational needs with the Gallery Committee. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: coordinate regular meetings with Gallery Committee; oversee gallery shows (planning, installation and implementation), promotion (coordinated with Publicist and artists, includes print and electronic media, publications, mailings), hospitality (receptions and events), and gallery sitters; maintain liaison with Town Administrator, Treasurer, Accountant, and Building Services Manager; and develop community outreach through volunteers and partnerships within the community.

This is a volunteer position requiring flexible hours ranging from approximately three to ten hours per week. As the organization does not maintain a physical office at the gallery, the successful candidate will perform responsibilities online with a flexible schedule. Onsite presence is required for meetings, installation, events, etc.

Qualifications:    The candidate should possess a special combination of personal and professional attributes, including strong communication and social skills, mature judgment, sensitivity to issues of the gallery’s setting within the community, and demonstrated creativity, initiative, and work ethic. Deep interest in visual, language, and media arts is a valuable asset in the position. Successful volunteer or paid work experience in arts administration, community development, studio arts, or business management is desirable.

Application Process: Interested applicants should submit a letter of interest explaining his or her fitness for the position together with a complete and up-to-date resume by email to <>  with the subject line: “Gallery Administrator”.