Today we’re highlighting three very interesting and interrelated blogs that appear on our blogroll, to the lower right of these posts. All three write eloquently and with definite points of view about issues of security, cultural property, and legal implications in the museum world.

Museum Security Network – Primarily a news aggregation website for all things related to museum security. The Museum Security Network was founded by Ton Cremers, former head of security at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, and calls itself “the main channel for the distribution of news and information pertaining to cultural property protection, preservation, conservation, and security.”

Elginism – Really interesting blog about questions of cultural property. It has a definite point of view (the site’s name comes from its created definition of Elginism: “n. 1801. An act of cultural vandalism”) but a broad scope, and some really thoughtful exposition. Well worth following.

The Art Law Blog – Terrific and informative news about law in the art world, which naturally has a lot of crossover with museums. The mix of contemplative posts as well as current issues is especially good.