Evaluator [Dallas Museum of Art and Museum of Nature and Science]

The Dallas Museum of Art and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science would
like to announce a new job posting.  The Evaluator is a unique, shared
position between the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) and the Perot Museum of
Nature and Science (Perot), playing a critical role within, and potentially
across, Perot and DMA teams to assess the effectiveness and impact of
museum activities.  The Evaluator represents the organizations
professionally in manner and appearance, working with all departments to
develop and implement evaluation plans, identify and define measurable
outcomes, design evaluation tools and methods, write reports, and
collaborate with leaders to use the process of evaluation as a learning
tool for continuous improvement.  The evaluation design will be an
iterative process where stakeholder input and involvement will be carefully
considered.  The Evaluator is responsible for providing staff with
information about their visitors/audience from a variety of perspectives
including, but not limited to, visitors¹ experiences in permanent
galleries, exhibitions, programs, and on the web.  **

For additional information about this position and responsibilities, visit
the DMA website: