Summer 2016


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Unnatural Disaster

A quarter-million people died in the Somalia famine of 2011. It didn't have to happen

Tufts Nutrition Top 10

How to stay hydrated when it's hot

Ready, Set, Go!

Baby boomers will face many barriers to good nutrition as they age. It's time to get prepared

Trouble Brewing

Climate change affects how food tastes. For crops like tea, that could spell economic calamity

Low-Acid Redux

Fewer grains and more fruits and vegetables may keep your bones strong

Restaurant Pitfall

Today’s Special: A whopping number of calories

Stay Active for a Healthy Heart

Even for people in their 70s, exercise can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease

Kids Are Sitting It Out

Few children meet daily exercise goals

There’s Something About Dairy

Whole-fat choices may have a health benefit

The Good Life

John Hancock teams up with the Friedman School to promote wellness

Waste Not

There’s a future for food beyond the ‘sell by’ date

Never Squash a Dream 

New Entry project trains beginning farmers

Work, Learn, Live

Online certificate programs bring new students, new perspectives

Folic Acid Caveat

Megadoses may affect your immune system

Zinc and Infections

Supplements help seniors boost their immunity

A Year of New Heights

A message from the president of the Friedman School Alumni Association

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Engineering education needs to be holistic, giving students a wide skill set and preparing them for ...

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Trump’s second meeting with Kim Jong-Un just gives North Korea more time to perfect its nuclear bo...

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Graceful Exits

How do humanitarian projects succeed after the organizers go home? 

Dangling an Actual Carrot

Financial incentive to promote healthy eating appears to benefit those on public assistance program 

Fast Muscles, Happy Knees

It’s power, not strength that fights arthritis pain 

Make Food An Election Issue

A message from the dean of the Friedman School

Washington Takes Note

A message from the director of the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging

Feed the World, But Feed It Well

Groundbreaking agricultural scientist headlines 2016 commencement