Online Courses

We offer three online graduate level courses in Mathematics Education for teachers.

Who can take the courses?

  • The courses are designed for middle and high school teachers and coaches in mathematics.
  • The first two courses can also be useful to elementary school teachers interested in mathematics.
  • All courses earn Tufts University graduate credit.

What are the courses about?

The courses focus on the mathematics of functions as it relates to topics in the mathematics curriculum, applications to science and real life situations, analysis of lessons, and analysis of students’ ways of thinking and learning. Activities are designed to drawn on the perspectives of teachers of various grade levels and assignments are designed to be both challenging and accessible to participating teachers.
Teachers will work on problems, discuss with their peers online, and analyze videos from their own classrooms.

Why choose the Poincaré Institute online mathematics courses?

We have worked with more than 240 teachers, and found improvements in the teaching and learning of mathematics:

  • Teachers gained confidence in their mathematical ability after taking these math education courses
  • Students were more engaged in class and enjoyed learning mathematics
  • Students’ scores on standardized math tests improved significantly. Their gains far surpassed those in similar districts.
  • District partnerships helped narrow the achievement gap between white and minority students.
  • The courses carry Tufts credits that can be transferred towards Masters degrees or certifications in Math or STEM education.
  • The courses can be combined with other classes at Tufts, many of them on-line, to obtain a Master in Education that fits your needs.

What to do if you are interested in signing up?

Please contact Montserrat Teixidor via e-mail