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Where to get support?

If you need any help or have any questions regarding Tufts WordPress please email

How do I start a blog/site?

Anyone with an active Tufts Username account can log on to this service and create as many WordPress sites as needed. ┬áHere’s how:

Step One

Go to and log on using your Tufts Username and Password.

01-Login Bubbled

Step Two

After successful login click on the “Create New Site” button that appears toward the top left of your browser window.

02-Create New Site Bubbled

Step Three

Fill out the new site form.

a. Provide a site address.

b. Provide a site title.

c. Select how visible you want your site to be. We recommend that while your site is being developed that you select “visible only to users that I give permission to”. Once your site is ready to launch you can change it’s visibility settings to be more open.

d. Press the “Create Site” button.

03 - Create Site Form Bubbled

Step Four

Celebrate the birth of your new WordPress site!

04 - Site Confirmed Bubbled

Step Five

See the FAQs for the basics on getting your new site filled with content and features.