Free Onshape CAD Workshop

Come to this free workshop and learn how to model 3D objects and systems using Onshape, the completely free, online CAD program! The workshop will be taking place on Saturday, November 21st from 2:00pm – 4:00pm in Anderson 208. Reserve your ticket here. Please bring your own laptop!

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GIM Announcement

Hey Tufts!

The robotics club is going to be holding its general interest meeting on Friday, Sept. 18th at 3pm in the new building, 574 Boston Ave in room 404! We’ve got a fun meeting planned where you’ll learn the basics of Arduino programming, electronics & soldering, 3D modeling, and robot design to really get a flavor for what we do. We’ll also talk a bit about the projects we have planned for this year at the beginning. All are welcome – no experience required!

See you there!

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New Site!

This will be the new site for the Tufts Robotics Club. We will be posting information about ongoing projects, competitions and other useful information here.

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Custom Servo library

Last night I wrote up a wrapper for I2C communication with our 2 RMCS-2203 servos. We also set up a github repository which will host and version-control all of our code. I also put our electronics schematics in there. Here’s a link to the repository so you can peek at what I’ve written:

My library appears in the “main_sketch” folder and consists of the RMCS2203.h and .cpp files.

I’m pretty proud of the library. It allows you to set and get every parameter described in the I2C section of the datasheet (which I’ve hosted here:

You create the RMCS2203 object like so:

RMCS2203 myMotor;

And in setup() you attach the motor to a particular I2C address:


Then you should probably set the servo’s control system to default gains, since these can get set improperly when powering off the motors:


Simple as that. I have yet to write any code to move the smaller servo, but I should most likely be able to use the Servo library packaged with the Arduino IDE, so there’s not much work to do there.

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