Here’s a list of the club’s ongoing projects

Firefighting Robots

Every year, the club participates in the Trinity Firefighting Competition, in which teams build robots that can autonomously navigate a maze, find a candle, and put it out. Points are given for getting the shortest times and completing certain challenges.

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Harvard Pacman Contest

Starting in 2018 we have started attending the Harvard Pacman contest. A physical version of the classic arcade game in which projected ghosts chase the robot around a maze.



Drivable Couch

Something we hope to complete within the next few semesters is a fully motorized, drivable couch. We envision driving it around the academic quad to advertise the club, as well as just freak people out.



Past Projects

Three Pound Battle BotsDrillbot

For our intoductory project in 2019 fall semester, we divided into teams of four members each. Each team built one robot and then competed at the end of the semester.

Intel Cornell Cup

In 2014, the club entered into the Intel Cornell Cup, an embedded systems competition, for the first time. We plan to continue participating in this competition, in which teams use embedded computing to solve a problem of their choice. Our first year, we built a novel rendition of the universal gripper which used hydraulics to increase power efficiency.

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