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iSIS Documentation for Students

Quick Guides
Enrolling for Summer Session Classes Steps to self-enroll for summer session A, B, or 12-week classes.
Leave of Absence Request How to request a leave of absence (for undergraduates).
Granting iSIS Portal Invited Viewer Access How to grant “Invited Viewer” (such as parents and spouses) access to your data via the Tufts University portal, iSIS.
Transfer of Credit Request How to request a transfer of credit from another college (for undergraduates).
Transfer of Credit Request for Tufts Programs Abroad Only How to request a transfer of credit for Tufts Programs Abroad only (equivalence request, for undergraduates).
Academic Advisement Report How to create and interpret an Academic Advisement Report.
Transcripts and Graduation View your unofficial transcript, request a copy of your official transcript, and apply for graduation.
Bills and Balances Review your Student Account, access Tufts eBill, access the Tufts University Tuition Payment Plan, waive your medical insurance, and review/change your meal plan selection.
Financial Aid in iSIS Review the Financial Aid features available in iSIS.
AS&E Registering for Classes Tips on navigating the home page, searching and adding classes, swapping a class, using My Planner, etc.
Applying for Graduation Steps to apply for graduation and adjust your diploma.
How to Clear Cache, Cookies, and Enable Pop-ups in Your Browser Steps to clear the cache, cookies, and enable pop-ups in the four main browsers: Firefox, IE, Chrome, and Safari.


In-Person: This fall, representatives from Student Services and Tufts Technology Services will be available in the Campus Center during the times below to assist with registration questions.

Date Event Time/Location
TBD Information Table Mayer Campus Center (Medford)


Where Can I Find Out More?

Online: Additional school-specific information can be found here:



  For iSIS Technical Support, contact the iSIS Support Team.
  For documentation questions, contact the iSIS Training and Documentation Team.
  Click here to view our iSIS Classroom Training Calendar.