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This year the Tufts University undergraduate community and the Fletcher School
of International Diplomacy are proud to organize the University’s first annual
Social Innovation Symposium on April 21, 2013. This student-run conference is
jointly hosted by the Empower Program for Social Entrepreneurship and Compass

To cultivate sustainable and innovative solutions to social problems, this event
will create an environment in which student innovators and practitioners can
exchange ideas and form partnerships. To accomplish this end, the event strives

•Showcase innovative trends and individuals in the social sector
•Provide directed guidance for aspiring social entrepreneurs
•Inspire new solution-oriented ideas in social enterprise

Showcase innovative trends and individuals in the social sector
Provide directed guidance for aspiring social entrepreneurs
Inspire new solution-oriented ideas in social enterprise

This year’s symposium will revolve around the theme Thinking, Planning, and

Thinking: At the heart of all innovative solutions is an idea, one that combines
passion and skill with a pressing demand. The creative spark of such ideas
integrates experience with new information, and their refinement requires smart
design and astute decision-making. To support aspiring social entrepreneurs
in developing their solution-oriented ideas, this event will offer interactive
brainstorming sessions for social business ideas, and techniques and tools for
identifying and evaluating viable social business ideas.

Planning: Transforming an idea into an economically viable innovation and
business demands financial acumen, strategic planning, and innovative leadership
approaches. This symposium will offer reflections from successful entrepreneurs on
their process of turning an idea into an enterprise and specific advice on business
and financial planning for the social sector.

Doing: Often the greatest inspiration for aspiring change-makers is the innovative
solutions and successful stories of practitioners. This event will bring together social
entrepreneurs from around the globe to share their journey to developing inventive
business model and highlight current trends in social enterprise.

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