The Tufts Environmental Literacy Institute (TELI) is a multi-day faculty development workshop with the goal of assisting participants to incorporate environmentally-related themes into existing or new courses within and beyond the Tufts Community. Each year, TELI addresses an issue of major environmental importance.

Workshops are based on interactive presentations by a variety of environmental experts and field-based learning experiences, and provide access to a range of resources for course development. This combination is intended to facilitate discussion in order to promote creative teaching experiences among participants. Previous workshops have covered issues such as:

  • Environmental Communication
  • Urban Environment and Social Justice
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change

The ultimate goal of TELI is to increase the exposure and knowledge of selected participants to enable them to effectively engage with issues that will shape the new generations they teach.

TELI’s pioneering nature was recognized and awarded with the Presidential Environment and Conservation Challenge Award in a White House Rose Garden ceremony in 1991.



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