What is TTAM?

As part of Tufts University’s commitment to maintaining a safe environment where we can learn, work, and live without threat of violence, the university has established Tufts Threat Assessment and Management (TTAM) teams. TTAM teams are responsible for threat assessment and management activities on behalf of the university.

These activities include:

  • Providing the Tufts community – including students, faculty, staff, alumni or parents – with multiple ways to safely and confidentially report concerns of threatening or violent behavior (including stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence) by another community member or by a university vendor or contractor;
  • Determining whether the person or situation of concern poses a threat of violence;
  • Gathering and objectively evaluating information from relevant sources regarding the person or situation of concern;
  • Taking appropriate action to address potential threats, including providing assistance to those in need;
  • Establishing early intervention strategies;
  • Developing case management plans that draw on resources within and outside the university;
  • Partnering with appropriate departments, offices, organizations and agencies, both on and off campus.

TTAM operations and coordination are based within the Department of Public and Environmental Safety (DPES) since the Tufts University Police Department has university-wide authority, and will be involved in all incidents requiring the work of TTAM teams, and may be required to respond quickly to the most critical behavioral concerns.

Annual Report

To ensure that TTAM is following best practices and advancing the goals of the Tufts’ Violence-free University Policy Statement, TTAM will provide a written annual report of its work to the university’s executive administration. The report will be comprised of statistical information. It will not contain personal identifying information specific to a case or incident.