Hailey “Buckets” Alm #23

Class of 2013


Everyone knows the feelings described in the song “Zippity-Doo-Dah.” It’s the bubbly happiness that just wants to explode out of every pore in your body and make you break out into song. Most people don’t know, however, that those feelings are actually the result of a small, invisible, sprite-like creature that flies around putting pixy dust on you to make you feel happy. When the Happy Fairy puts just a pinch of dust on you, you feel as though nothing can go wrong. Hailey Alm is actually made purely of that dust.

Though her Frisbee talents surpass even the most legendary standards, the most noticeable part of Hailey’s personality is her constant joyful attitude. In fact, she has actually never been mad once in her life. Countless monsters, beasts, and E-men have tried, in vain, to get her to be angry, but she only responds with a smile and an encouraging “Aw shucks, you’ll get me next time.” Raised only to play Frisbee and be nice, Hailey has turned into the ultimate competitor, nearly killing her opponents with kindness. Her height and skills in the air help her dominate the skies, while her loveable nature helps her dominate her opponents’ hearts. Between her charming nature and polished game, there was no way that the E-wo wouldn’t take Hailey as a freshman. And if her first-year were any indication of the future, we know that we all can expect big things from Hailey Alm.

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