Claudia “Zilla” Tajima #12

Class of 2013


This home skrillet is not like other skizzly skats, but was born bumpin and grindin to the beat of her own 808 drum.  Her first word was dog, which is confusing, considering her affinity for all things feline.  This peculiarity, however, was quickly sorted out in the 2nd grade, when her class began learning animal words and Zilla turned in a drawing of a stick figure with a boom box and labeled it “Dawg.”  After her teacher refused to accept this as a legitimate English word, Zilla grabbed her backpack (and leftover prunes from snacktime), gave ye ol’ deuces to her classmates, and headed out the door.  With a pack rightfully on her back and not a care in the world, her mind soon began filling with all the possible words that were out there- unused and ready to be discovered.
Until this day, she had felt a great connection to her home town of Amherst, Massachusetts.  It was here that she first learned how to fake burps by shouting, it was upon these historic fields that she got her first lay out D (respectively, at age 5, on a mixed club team with some older, cooler, middle school alums) and it was here that she cultivated her unique and economic diet composed of equal parts eggs, chai tea, and remixes.  But alas, the small town of Amherst was far too limiting for a girl with dreams and aspirations so sublime that no words in the Oxford English Dictionary could adequately describe them.
And so young Claudia made her way to the campus of Tufts University in order to pursue a major in Zompism (and help create this website and in the wake of this endeavor, proceeded to wreak complete havoc on the college ultimate scene.  Her performance as a player and leader on not only the tufts ewo but also on club and junior worlds teams is featured in these video, ( and which demonstrate some of her most impressive plays.  As you can see, Zilla is a competitive player with a drive that is paralleled by few, and an ability that repeatedly labels her as a playmaker, no matter what position she is thrown into on the field.  When not on the field or in the gym, you can find Zilla running to a class about saving the world, discovering obscure Japanese artists, and putting her hand to her mouth and making that “svvwhhhsh” sound (that kinda sounds like she’s sucking air through a straw) at the thought of anything exciting/crazy/delicious/suspenseful.

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