Margot “Gecko” Lieblich #24

Class of 2013


Little Gecko was hatched from an egg in the Arizona desert next to her slimy reptilian brother. For many years, the adorable pair endured the heat of the blazing sun, stalking among the cactuses, blasting Dave Matthews from a boom box, and feeling fresh in neon XXL tanks. When Gecko’s last water bottle sprung a leak that no duct tape could seal, they trekked long, dry hours in search of water. After many days, they finally made it to civilization, where Gecko immediately found a Denny’s and ordered pink lemonade with a slice of lemon, extra pulp orange juice, hot green tea with honey, and three straws. Thirst quenched, she stabbed a cactus needle into the table, gave the peace sign to her bro (who hid his tears of sorrow from his blossoming younger sibling), and began a solo trek to the California coast.

Bright-eyed and slimy-tailed, Gecko began playing beach ultimate with some bums after they mealed her in to the nearest dining hall and fed her a disc full of various cereals and milk. Known for her claw-like grabs and silky-smooth flick, this young Gecko soon made a name for herself among the humanoids. After skying every last beach bum, she hitched a ride on a traveling armadillo and headed east to the esteemed T.U. in search of the elusive “Frat Party” of which she had heard great things. Crashing on couches and asking for no more than a baby crib to sleep in and a warm beer in the morning, Gecko(t) soon became known as the ideal guest. A gecko among elephants, her lightning quickness, camouflage color, and reptilian limbs made defense second nature for young Gecko(t), and before long she had d’ed every human to cross her path.

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