Sarah “QVC” Lindsay #17

Class of 2013

In the early fall of her freshman year Sarah often spent her time wandering around Fletcher field by herself, picking flowers and chasing butterflies, oblivious to the world around her. One afternoon Sarah wandered right into the middle of an EWO practice, unaware of the flying Frisbees until one hit her right in the head. She picked it up, and threw a perfect 20ft flick right back to its owner, and the team knew right then and there she was destined for Ewo greatness. After lots and lots of unsuccessful attempts, mainly due to Sarah’s inability to check her email for weeks at a time, Becky and Juice were finally able to track down Sarah and convince her to come back to practice, where they discovered years of soccer made Sarah have sick defense and great positioning It wasn’t until the spring when the Ewo discovered Sarah’s true passion: sleeping. When not playing Frisbee or enjoying her “special private time” or giggling, she was always napping. Those in her spring break car even feared she had slipped into a coma, as Sarah remained passed out in the back corner of Marv’s quest from DC to Atlanta with no sign of movement, despite the entire rest of the car making dinosaur noises at every waffle house sighting. Crowned “Snappy” (and later “Master”, but that’s a different story…) by the team, Snappy proved her namesake by sleeping throughout every bye for the rest of the spring, as well as the occasional morning practice. However, all this rest did Snappy well, as she continued to bring intensity to the field with unstoppable cuts and sick grabs.

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