Mia “MeowMessiah” Greenwald #7

Class of 2014

Everyone has a spirit animal. Some say their spirit animal is a leopard, or a shark, or perhaps a furry little bear cub. However, Mia Greenwald is very different. In fact, she does not have a singular spirit animal but is rather a combination of the best trait of every animal (except the weird ones on the bottom of the ocean). She has the speed of a cheetah, reflexes like an attacking cobra, and can leap past defenders like a beautiful, galloping deer. Rumor has it that her arms are so strong, she chooses to swing like a monkey from the pipes on any ceiling that has them exposed rather than allow her feet to touch the ground. Naturally, she decided early in life to apply these talents towards ultimate. As Mia also never forgets (just as elephants never forget), she was ecstatic when she discovered the Tufts Elephant Women. She was quickly accepted as a member of their ranks and proved her worth many times over.

Today, Mia can be seen swimming a faster lap of butterfly than most of NESCAC, creating beautiful art, and tearing it up on the ultimate field. Don’t be fooled by her swan-like beauty, as this Ewo is a sly cat on and off the field.

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