Selections from March Concert “Lux et Tenebra”

A few selections from our concert titled “Lux et Tenebra”, exploring themes of light and dark. These pieces feature some awesome soloists, rollicking riffs, and very creative percussion. Enjoy!


Prelude and Dance of the Mystic Flames (by Alexander Scriabin)

Prelude and Dance of the Mystic Flames by Alexander Scriabin


Night Soliloquy (by Kent Kennan)

Night Soliloquy by Kent Kennan, featuring Alyssa San Pedro (class of 2013) as the flute soloist. Congratulations Alyssa!


Angles in the Architecture (by Frank Ticheli)

Angles in the Architecture by Frank Ticheli, featuring Noa Rosen as the Soprano Vocalist. Also, mad props to the percussion section for their work in this piece, featuring whirlies and wine glasses.


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