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What are User-Centered Design and User Experience?

User-Centered Design (UCD) is also known as “User Experience” (UX) or simply “Usability”.  UCD is an approach to design that grounds the process in information about the people who will use the product. UCD can be characterized as a problem solving process that not only requires designers to predict how users are likely to use a product, but also to test the validity of their assumptions in real world tests with actual users. UCD processes focus on users through the planning, design and development of a product.

Why UX at Tufts?

With the recent creation of the Design and Usability Services group (located within ESTS), UIT has committed to integrating User-Centered Design best practices to the development, and implementation of tools and services it provides to the Tufts community. UCD can support the transformation of UIT into a service-oriented organization, by helping meet client needs more accurately and efficiently. The User-Centered Design Affinity group started as a vehicle to share knowledge across UIT directorates, and now includes colleagues from other Tufts organizations, to allow for broader knowledge sharing.


Integrate UCD thinking and techniques on projects from conception through implementation

User-Centered Design Affinity Group Participants
  1. Jean Ayers – Web Comm
  2. Sheryl Barnes, TTS ESTS
  3. Kate Bronstad, Tisch Library
  4. Nancy Buczko, Gordon Institute
  5. Claire Vail Capuzzi, OIT
  6. Thom Cox, Tisch Library
  7. David DeChellis, TTS
  8. Carla Eberle, Gordon Institute
  9. Anne Fishman, A&S&E
  10. Brian Goodmon, TTS ESTS
  11. David Grogan, TTS ESTS
  12. Will Hilley, TTS
  13. Lilian Homer, UIT
  14. Dawn Irish, UIT
  15. Julia Keller, School of Engineering
  16. Heather Klish, ULTS
  17. Ruth Koch-Ashton, TTS
  18. Jeremy Wahlman – Web Comm
  19. Joe Comeau, TTS ESTS
  20. Cristy Maldonado, TTS
  21. Durwood Marshall, TTS RGTS
  22. Paul Nash, TTS
  23. Kaitlin Provencher, Web Comm
  24. Lee Raymond, TTS
  25. Tina Riedel, TTS
  26. Bill Sivret, TTS
  27. Linda Snell, TTS
  28. Melanie St.James, TTS ESTS
  29. Joseph Sullivan – Web Comm
  30. Frank Terranova, TTS
  31. Ekaterina Trizlova, TTS

To attend the UCD affinity group meetings, please email

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