Evaluating the utility of abdominal fluid characteristics in dogs that have undergone surgery for abdominal sepsis to help predict/diagnose dehiscence


The purpose of this study is to help find ways to accurately predict if/when a dog may develop dehiscence. Dehiscence is the breakdown and leakage of the intestine at the site that has been sutured closed. This is a complication that occurs in about 10-20% of dogs that have had surgery to repair their intestines. We hope to find a way to better predict/diagnose dehiscence in these dogs undergoing intestinal repair.

Inclusion Criteria

If your dog is undergoing a surgery due to septic peritonitis and is having (or had) surgery to repair his intestines (either an enterotomy or resection and anastomosis).

Exclusion Criteria


Client Benefits

This study will cover the cost of lactate measurements, glucose measurements, abdominal fluid analysis, aerobic and anaerobic cultures after and during surgery. A variety of intestinal biomarker tests will also be run at a later date on saved samples of blood (IL-1B, IL-6, IL-10 and TNF-alpha). With your pets participation in this study we hope to gain information that will help in the diagnosis, management and treatment of other dogs with this condition.

Contact Information

Dr. Yuki Tse
Phone: (508) 839-5395; ext. 8-4745