white and black pit bull mix standing on the grass and looking up.

Collaborative for Shelter Dogs is committed to improving the welfare and eventual placement of homeless dogs everywhere.

WHAT'S NEW? It was wonderful to attend an in-person conference again! The talks at the ASPCA Cornell Maddie's Fund Shelter Medicine Conference were varied and interesting, with so many having direct applications. The speakers were amazing and so helpful with the many questions from the audience. Seana Dowling-Guyer, MS, CSD's Associate Director, talked about safety net programs to support pet retention and, along with Dr. Sheila Sergurson from Maddie's Fund, gave an update on behavioral research relevant to a shelter environment from the last few years. We look forward to attending next year!

Education & Resources


Research you can use in your shelter or rescue and in your community to support pets and pet ownership.

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Training & Enrichment


Providing dogs with physical and mental stimulation is a critical factor for maintaining their behavioral health.  Enrichment activities will keep shelter dogs busy, so they are less likely to do the things we don't want them to do, while basic training makes dogs more adoptable.

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