Problems and Management

Managing Problem Behavior

The majority of problem behaviors which we identify in shelter dogs are normal canine behaviors – behaviors that are not any different than those we see in owned dogs. The difference with shelter dogs is that in many cases no one has shown them alternative, more acceptable behavior.

Watch this webinar about how you can save lives in your shelter with behavior programs.

Click on the problem behavior you wish you manage below to find webinars, documents and management tools related to each.

Fear Of People


Fear of People
Quiet time


Office Foster for Shy Dogs
Quiet Time with People
Treat Buckets for Shy Dogs
Special Adoption: Fear of People


Fear of People Management Tool

Food Aggression


Managing Food Aggression


Delicious Chew Toy Training
Food Aggression Retrieve Training
Food Bowl Training
Special Adoption: Growling Over Food or Chew Bones


Food Aggression Management Tool

Jumpy Mouthy


Rewarding Calm Behavior
Behavior Plans for Jumpy Mouthy Dogs


Jumpy Mouthy Training Tips
Say Please Program
Toy Preference Assessment
Tug Game and Training
Retrieve Game and Training
Chase Game
Special Adoption: Highly Exuberant Dogs/Jumpy Mouthy


Jumpy Mouthy Management Tool

Dogs with problem behaviors are considered to be Special Adoptions, which means special counseling must be given to adopters to smooth the transition into a new home and to prevent future problems.