New Population Data from Shelter Animals Count August 2022

Shelter Animals Count has released a new study looking at trends in sheltered animal populations so far in 2022. The data reported so far reflects what many folks in animal sheltering are describing – shelters are nearing or at capacity. “The primary driver of shelters feeling at – or over – capacity in the first half of 2022 is due to the imbalance of too many animals staying behind as total outcomes have been falling short of intakes – for month-after-month – beginning in 2021. That, coupled with staffing and volunteer shortages, veterinarian shortage, decreased funding, and more, has made it even more challenging,” the report states.

Mike Keiley, Director of Adoption Centers at MSCPA-Angell and Chair of SAC’s Board, says “It’s important that all of us in animal welfare read and understand this report so that we can accurately describe the challenges our field is experiencing right now. When we describe the issues incorrectly, we can confuse supporters and our call-to-action gets blurry. We need to be clear that what we need more than ever are adopters (or fosters!) in all regions so that we can reduce the critical capacity issue in shelters. Regardless of what region you are in, this is impacting the field. For every home that is found, more animals have the opportunity they deserve.”

Seana Dowling-Guyer, CSD’s Associate Director, adds, “The call-to-action has to be loud and clear – we need to move these animals out of the shelter to reduce populations, improve our capacity to care, and reduce the impact on our staff and volunteers who are already feeling the strain.”