Fall 2018


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Better, Together

How Tufts is breaking down silos in cancer research to speed new cures for pets and people.

On the Front Lines

Meet pets, clinicians, and clients in a day of the life of cancer care at Cummings School.

How Cats Think

A veterinary behaviorist and alumna explains why cats are so different than dogs.

Traveling Rescue Dogs

Northeast shelters import dogs from high-kill regions to be adopted. Is this a good idea?

When Dogs Meet Edibles

As marijuana becomes legal in many parts of the U.S., here’s what you need to know about keeping your dog safe.

Overfishing and Modern-Day Slavery

Jessica Sparks, VG14, researches the connections between fishing-stock declines and forced labor on the open seas.

The State of the Veterinary Profession

The new president of the American Veterinary Medical Association—a Cummings School alum—looks to the future.

Making a Difference by Degrees

In addition to its D.V.M. program, Cummings School also offers graduate programs preparing scientists like these for service around the world.

Mighty Mice

Cummings School and MIT work with Massachusetts citizens to genetically fight Lyme disease.

Caring for the Caregivers

Wellness programs surge on campus to help students, faculty, and staff weather the demands of veterinary practice and training.

A Step in the Fight Against a Deadly Parasite

Scientists devise a new way to store Cryptosporidium, aiding research efforts to develop a vaccine.

Do What You Can

A visit to an animal sanctuary in India revealed a lesson I brought home to my practice and my life.

‘Tis the Season (for Spending)

Americans love to buy holiday gifts for their pets.

Veterinarian at the Museum

A Tufts alum helped create an exhibit exploring how human pandemics emerge from animals and the environment.

What Weighs Heaviest?

Caregivers of dogs with heart disease are stressed most by worry.

Why I Give

Our Cummings School veterinarian gave us the confidence and courage to pursue treatment.

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Jan 1, 1970


Jan 1, 1970


Jan 1, 1970


Honoring Those at the Heart of His Success

Veterinary cardiologist George Kramer, V86, funds a scholarship in memory of his parents.

Disease Fighters

Professionals from Rwanda travel to the U.S. to develop leadership skills in managing outbreaks.