Spring 2019


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Meet Our New Dean

A visionary leader in veterinary medicine takes the helm of New England’s only veterinary school.

A Chicken and Egg Problem

Urban dwellers looking to raise backyard chickens must take precautions to prevent lead exposure.

Swimming with Sharks

An alum helps us better understand sharks through photography and research.

Mastering the Art of Communication

Before heading into clinics and hospitals, veterinary students practice having difficult conversations with clients.

Predicting TB’s Course

If a scientist can unlock why the bacterium that causes tuberculosis affects individuals so differently, she can point the way to more personalized treatments.

The Mother Load

Women who are pregnant, raising children, or considering parenthood at U.S. veterinary training institutions may lack adequate support.

Seal of Approval

Diverse stakeholders in Nantucket agreed that the health of the ecosystem is top priority when it comes to the management of seals.


Thanks to recent veterinary advances, leg fractures in horses don’t have to be life-threatening—or even career-ending.

Can Other Pain Treatments Work as Well as Opioids?

Cummings School researchers study alternative postsurgical therapies for dogs.

Looking through the Eyes of Animals

Temple Grandin on the importance of first impressions, why “draconian leash laws” are a problem for dogs, and more.

A Custom Fit

Learn how veterinary students personalize their education by exploring areas of interest for selective credits.

Your Rescue Dogs in Their New Homes

Hundreds of readers told us they adopted dogs that started life in a different part of the U.S. Meet three of these pups.

When Asthma Isn’t Obvious

An equine pulmonologist works with veterinarians in the field to conduct a specialized type of liquid biopsy.

Give Paws

Connor O’Boyle and his dog, Dublin, volunteer at the Floating Hospital for Children through Tufts Paws for People.

Why We Give

Cummings School is always there when we need it most.

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Nov 20, 2019The Key to a Missing Child’s Identity, Hidden Inside the Mouth

Tooth prints are now part of Child Identification Program kits, thanks to Tufts alum David Harte Tw...

Nov 19, 2019Sika Henry Aims to Be the First African American Female Pro Triathlete

A serious bike accident hasn't held back Henry, A05, who is a triple threat on the race courseL...

Nov 19, 2019Veterinary Surgery Planning and Training in 3D

Cummings School veterinarians and students tap 3D printing to better prepare for operations and prac...

Paradise Burning

A veterinarian tells of the long, smoke-filled hours caring for animals after last year’s harrowing wildfires in California.

Wild at Heart

Lifelong nature lover Judy Cook has supported Tufts Wildlife Clinic for decades.

A Lot to Chew On

Dental Week helps prepare veterinary students to meet the needs of future patients.

A Team Effort

The Aldridge Lab at Tufts School of Medicine is helping revolutionize the understanding and treatment of tuberculosis.

Get the Lead Out

Best practices for keeping your backyard chickens and family lead-safe.