Spring 2018

One of a Kind

Character Sketch of Jennifer Grady, V12.

Name: Jennifer Grady, V12

What She Does: Veterinarian and clinical instructor at Tufts at Tech Community Veterinary Clinic in Worcester

Accolades: The 2017 Donald Fulton Jr. Spotlight on Kindness Award, a $500 prize from the Massachusetts Veterinary Technician Association recognizing an exceptionally kind and engaged veterinary professional. “We began a Kindness Fund at Tufts at Tech using the award money. Every veterinary student on rotation in the clinic is given $100 of ‘Kindness Money’ they can apply however they like. They can give it all to one patient, pool their money together for a big procedure, or give smaller amounts to several patients. All the money goes back into a community with very high need.”

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Grady

Kindest Act She’s Witnessed: Clients who overheard other clients struggling to pay for needed care, and donated money to help. “Most of our clients are living in poverty and receive government food assistance, so to see them giving their limited resources to someone else is really an amazing demonstration of selflessness.”

Most Memorable Case: The ones where a student performs an amputation surgery on a pet that had been in chronic pain. “The student always expects the pet to have a terrible recovery. It’s a magical moment when the animal comes bouncing into the clinic on three legs just a couple days after surgery. I love how much happiness it brings to the students to see how much they have helped this family. These moments are why I teach community medicine—so much positivity is awesome.”

Best Thing about the Job: The Worcester Technical High School and Tufts veterinary students. “They have great enthusiasm and are such passionate advocates for their patients. They challenge me every day and help me to never stop learning and questioning what I already think I know, and they often come up with ways to help our patients that I would never have thought of. Without them, Tufts at Tech doesn’t exist.”

Why She Started the Tufts Veterinary Moms/Dads Group, an In-person and Electronic Support Network for the Grafton Campus: “When I became a parent about 20 months ago I realized that being a mom was super hard! And then going back to work was even harder. And I started thinking, ‘Are all these other people doing this too? Is it this hard for them? How come we aren’t talking to each other about it and helping each other?’”

Her Animal Companions: Not your traditional indoor pets. “My husband runs an organic farm in Grafton, where we live, so we have a barn cat and chickens plus a handful of pigs every season. We are thinking about getting a dog though.”

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