Welcome to the Tufts Vittana group.  We are the Tufts chapter of the micro lending group Vittana.  Vittana is an NGO which connects students in developing countries with the motivation to succeed, but without the means to pay for education.  Lenders give to selected students at 0% interest, and with a repayment rate of 99.8%, the money is returned to the investors to either withdraw, or reinvest in other students.  The money invested in the students not only raises their standard of living, and their lifetime success, but ripples through their community as they spend their increased earnings in their communities, boosting the local economy dollar by dollar.  The Tufts group is committed to connecting students here at Tufts with those much less fortunate in developing countries.


This group has raised $177 so far.  If you are interested in making a contribution, feel free to make a contribution to a student, or contact James Downer at james.downer@tufts.edu.  Make sure to attribute your contribution to the Tufts Lending Team.




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