Welcome to WHAT SOPHIA RECOMMENDS from among the (little-known) Leisure Literature found in Tisch Library!

Sophia is, of course, our lovely bronze mascot, who sits on a bench across from the New Books Shelf, always with a book on her lap. She serves to remind us that even in these busy days, as people rush through the lobby to the computers, the cafe, the book stacks, or the classrooms, it is important (and enjoyable) to read for fun, outside of the research and news and websites and television shows that fill our brains every day.

Before each academic break, we will post some leisure reading recommendations, sometimes based around a theme, sometimes by a guest compiler. We hope you find time to relax with a book when you travel from campus…and maybe also in those rare spare moments you might have on occasion while you’re on campus!

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from Tisch Library's Leisure Reading Collection