Yannis M. Ioannides

Max and Herta Neubauer Chair and Professor of Economics

Department of Economics

Tufts University
177 College Ave., Medford, MA 02155-6598

651 Joyce Cummings Center

yannis dot ioannides AT tufts dot edu

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Department Office: 620 Joyce Cummings Center, 1 617 627 3560


  1. “On The Dynamics of Corruption,” with Costas Azariadis. June 2020. World Congress of the Econometric Society (virtual), August. PDF. Slides.
  2.  “Social Interactions Do Matter: Two Examples.” Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Fall 2018 Conference. October 18-19, 2018. Video  11:45am, October 19. slides
  3. Corresponding Member, Academy of Athens. Εlected, June 8, 2017Tufts economics announcement. Inaugural Lecture: “Cities Ancient, Medieval, Modern: An Economics Perspective.” June 5, 2018. Slides. Lecture. Details.
  4. “Is the Greek Crisis One of Supply or Demand?” With Christopher A. Pissarides. Fall 2015 Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. Fall 2015, 349–373. Slides.  
  5. Press:Signed “Rebooting the Eurozone: Step 1 – Agreeing a Crisis narrative” CEPR Policy Insight

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