Captains: Samantha Wainapel and Sanjana Kowshik

Captain: Samantha Wainapel

Sam is a senior from New York City studying biology, biomedical sciences and psychology on the pre-med track. Sam competes in and loves all 4 styles of dance but her favorites are the Cha-Cha, Rumba and Viennese Waltz. She is so grateful for this community and is super excited to watch it grow! Outside ballroom, Sam can be found on walks in Boston/Medford, hanging with her friends or working with Zebra Finches in her lab.

Captain: Sanjana Kowshik

Sanjana is a junior from New Jersey, and is majoring in International Relations while on the pre-med track.  She started ballroom her sophomore year, and fell in love with the dance community and is so grateful to be part of the tufts ballroom family.  Sanjana competes in all 4 styles, but her favorite dances are the rumba and the cha cha. Outside of ballroom, Sanjana loves reading, exploring Boston, and dancing even more!

Treasurer: Basil Hand

Basil is a sophomore from St. Louis Missouri majoring in biology and minoring in music. They are thrilled to be your ballroom dance team treasurer! They’re a huge fan of waltzing, tangoing, and swinging. When not doing ballroom related activities, Basil loves reading, playing video games (, theater, music and other shenanigans.

Social Dance Coordinator: Daphne Garcia

Daphne is a junior from MA studying biology (the 🌱🧬🐌 kind) and biotechnology. Daphne’s favorite part of ballroom is the club’s amazing community, and she can’t imagine her college experience without it. Her favorite dances are the cha cha, tango, and waltz. Outside of ballroom, Daphne likes to collect plants, partake in multiple arts and crafts, and learn animal fun facts!

Social Events Chair: Bryce RiceWoolf

Bryce is a junior from Maryland studying Biology, English, and French on the pre-med track! She started ballroom dancing her sophomore year and fell in love with the sparkles, the spins, and more importantly, the amazing community. Although she competes all 4 styles, Tango and Swing will always be her favorite. When she is not dancing her heart out, Bryce can be found baking, reading, or trying out new restaurants in Boston!

Showdance Director: Camille Young

Camille is a sophomore from San Francisco studying child studies and human development with minors in dance and entrepreneurship. Since coming to Tufts, Ballroom has become a huge part of Camille’s life, and she plans to take it as far as she can. Her favorite styles are International Rumba, Quickstep, Samba, and Viennese Waltz (it’s hard to choose just one)! Besides being in ballroom, Camille dances other styles and has been involved with theater for over a decade, so she is always happy to talk about hot takes on Shakespeare’s best works with her fellow thespians or just performing arts in general 🙂 

Competition Coordinator: Cassie Colmenares

Cassie is a sophomore from Chicago studying biology and computer science. She joined the team in the beginning of her freshman year, and quickly found herself embracing the ballroom community. While she’s particularly fond of the International Standard style, she also has a soft spot for Samba and Paso Doble. Around campus, you might find her writing gothic fiction at Ginn, hanging out with HCAT, or questing for espresso.