Above are several topics related to cardiovascular pathophysiology. The topics can be viewed independently but come from a larger curriculum where the foundational topics clarify subsequent sections. Those without previous exposure to the cardiovascular system may benefit from starting at the top of the list.

Each topic contains videos, lectures, syllabus sections, and images. The videos are additional media designed to clarify difficult concepts or present a classic case. The lectures are bite-sized presentations of the material from the syllabus sections. The syllabus sections contain both student generated readings and the original source material, providing a comprehensive review of the topic. Finally, the images are provided as a visual complement to the preceding categories. The images include material generated by students, supplied by Cummings’ faculty or adapted from other sources. Images are open source and can be downloaded and utilized as an education tool.

The cases and quizzes can be used while reading through the topics or independently reviewed to check understanding.

While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of the presented material, this is a student-directed effort reviewed by Cumming’s school faculty. We urge anyone utilizing CardioRush to exercise caution, especially regarding listed drug dosages.