The CEE GSO encourages graduate students to take advantage of the numerous opportunities and resources available at Tufts. If there are resources you would like to share with your fellow students, please email:

Student Travel Resources

  • If you are traveling to attend a conference, without presenting research, you can receive funding from the Graduate Student Council. If you are traveling to present your research at a conference, you can receive funding from the AS&E shared fund.
  • Additional funding is available to SOE Graduate students who present their research at a conference, only if they have been awarded funding from the Graduate Student Travel Fund, AS&E. We have streamlined the process. To apply for additional funding, after you have returned from your conference, complete the form found on this link to upload the signature form you received, along with other documents.
  • Whether you are traveling to present research or to conduct research, you can also apply to the Provost funded program to cover the airfare. This can be applied for in conjunction with the above Graduate Student Travel Fund, AS&E. However, if you have the ability to get funding from a grant, you may not apply to the following:
  • If you are traveling to perform research, you should apply to the Graduate Student Research Competition: