Tufts School of Engineering Appoints new CEEO Faculty Fellows

CEEO Faculty Fellows (CFF) are Tufts University faculty who are actively engaged in engineering education research with the CEEO. Their engagement may be through existing or planned funding opportunities, shared mentorship of graduate students or post-docs, or other joint research endeavors. Appointed for renewable 3-year terms by the School of Engineering, CFFs are chosen based on the congruence of their research with the CEEO’s mission and their interest in advancing mutual research activity. 

Tufts CEEO is proud to share the list of CFFs appointed in spring 2024.  

Briana Bouchard


Mechanical Engineering

Briana works with Tufts CEEO corporate collaborator iRobot on education technology development and oversees undergraduate students working at Tufts CEEO.

Brian Gravel



CEEO alum, Brian Gravel is the advisor for three STEM Education students working on CEEO-funded grants. Brian is a long-time collaborator with CEEO and recently was a co-Pi on the LEGO Foundation Tech & Play project housed at Tufts CEEO.

Trevion Henderson


Mechanical Engineering

Trevion collaborates on the Amazon Robotics funding that supports local pre-college initiatives in Boston, as well as on the Navajo Reservation. He is also working with Tufts CEEO on AI initiatives related to LEGO Education funding. 

Milo Koretsky


Chemical Engineering

Milo co-advises the postdoc shared between Tufts CEEO and Tufts Institute for Institute for Research on Learning and Instruction (IRLI), bridging the work between CEEO and IRLI. He has also written research proposals with Tufts CEEO. 

Greses Pérez


Civil Engineering

Greses has an NSF grant in collaboration with Tufts CEEO faculty and has other grants managed by CEEO. She is an active participant in the CEEO community and research discussions as the McDonnell Family Foundation professor.

Chris Rogers


Mechanical Engineering

Founder of Tufts CEEO, Chris Rogers’ research space and graduate students continue to be housed at the CEEO and his grants are managed by CEEO. 

Jivko Sinapov


Computer Science

Jivko is an active collaborator with CEEO faculty on multiple grants centered around artificial intelligence for pre-college audiences.  

Elaine Short


Computer Science

Elaine is an active collaborator on grants with Chris Rogers and Ethan Danahy related to accessible makerspaces and robotics.

Chris Swan


Civil Engineering

Chris is an active collaborator on engineering education research happening with Tufts undergraduate students. He also coordinates with Tufts CEEO in larger community research conversations, like the American Society for Engineering Education.

Kristen Wendell


Mechanical Engineering

CEEO alum and long-time collaborator, Kristen Wendell’s research space and graduate students are housed at the CEEO. Her grants are managed by Tufts CEEO. 

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