The dangers of enflaming false revisionist history in the Balkans

By Sidita Kushi

The United States has been bullying its staunchest ally and calling it diplomacy. The Trump administration’s strong-arming of the small Balkan nation of Kosovo – inciting a US-backed governmental collapse amidst a pandemic – mirrors a broader trend of declining US diplomatic capacity and international legitimacy. Now analysts with no expertise in the region are coming out of the woodwork to defend the administration by rewriting history. But no amount of genocide denial and hyper-partisan delivery of half-truths can cover up the fatal policy flaws.

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CSS Research and Policy Seminar with Monica Toft and Sidita Kushi

The CSS Research and Policy Seminar on April 8 discussed America the Bully, an upcoming book co-written by Monica Toft and Sidita Kushi. The new study traces the evolution of U.S. foreign policy, both through historical narratives and data-driven analysis, to understand how the United States has relied on different tools of statecraft to achieve its political objectives across pivotal eras. In particular, the book evaluates America’s reliance on its armed forces to achieve its strategic interests, questioning the country’s blurred foreign policy objectives and its bullying tactics.

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The US and Taliban are partners now: What about the Afghan women?

By Lima Halima-Ahmad

The victimization of Afghan women, once useful for the US to justify its intervention in Afghanistan, seems to be irrelevant in the new romanticized relationship between the US and the Taliban. Since, the Taliban has announced that they will not attack the US and its coalition forces, but will continue their violent targeting of Afghans only. This new episode in the Afghan conflict seems to be acceptable by the current US Administration.

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Party Like It’s 1939?

By Monica Duffy Toft

It is difficult to remember that our present circumstances, however we characterize them, are influenced by our past circumstances, or our remembrance of them. So, it is with the looming double crises that now face the United States and, by extension, humanity: a physical threat to U.S. lives, and an economic crisis rivaling that of the 1930s.

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Teaching Grand Strategy

Thomas P. Cavanna recently published a 2,500-word piece for an H-Diplo-ISSF roundtable on “Teaching Grand Strategy.” In this piece, Cavanna explains how he has conceptualized his course “Grand Strategies in history: from the Ancient Greek City-States to America’s 21st Century Hegemony,” which he has taught at the Fletcher School since spring 2019.

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Covid-19 Does Not Discriminate

By Lima Ahmad

It is possible this crisis will increase distrust and fear of the unknown, further dividing us, causing an increase in global inequality due to restrictions on labor migration, trade, and economic dependency. Yet at the same time the coronavirus crisis is an opportunity for us to rethink our humanity and reimagine our world during this time of collective vulnerability.

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