CSS Post-Doctoral Fellow Aroop Mukharji has been chosen as one of 6 “New Faces in international security” by the Triangle Institute of Security Studies at Duke

Since 2000, the Triangle Institute for Security Studies (TISS) has hosted an annual two-day conference called the “Junior and Interdisciplinary Faces of International Security.” The purpose of the “New Faces” project, as it has come to be known, is to strengthen the rising cohort of scholars specializing in security studies.

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Monica Toft will teach Fletcher Summer Live

Contemporary Challenges in International Security (July 6-29)

The causes of war and political violence dominate international relations. International trade and cooperation remain important, but for most scholars of international relations and, more importantly, most policy makers, international security issues often take pride of place. This course surveys scholarly and policy literature on international relations theory, with a focus on international security as it has evolved in the past, the present, and as it might do in the future.

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