D3M@Tufts Problem-Focused Immersion (PFI) Fellows

10 PFI Fellows per year are chosen through a competitive application process. They work in teams to solve data-focused problems for a chosen thematic area. Because of the importance of interdisciplinary exposure and problem-focused nature of our training, these fellows will come from a range of STEM and non-STEM disciplines. A limited number of fellowships (at most 3 per year) are offered to graduate students specializing in data science or computer science, to bring their methodological perspectives into the Interdisciplinary Immersion Program. T-TRIPODS institute, focused on the Foundations of Data Science, will assist in finding and evaluating these applications. Ten $3000 PFI Fellowships per year are available.

2021-2022 Application Timeline

First week of Fall Semester

Information Session about the chosen thematic area for PFI

01 October 2021

One-Page PFI Fellowship Proposal Due

Week of 15 October 2021

Form PFI Teams and Fellowship Awards

Apply or learn more

Please fill out the form below and send your application and a resume by the specified due dates above to D3M@tufts.edu. For additional information and clarification, send an email to Shafiqul.Islam@tufts.edu.

2021-2022 PFI Fellowship Application

Please submit a statement (not to exceed two pages) supported by one faculty.