D3M@Tufts Fellowships

Currently, D3M@Tufts fellowships are open to enrolled Tufts Graduate Students only.

D3M@Tufts Fellows are a community of graduate students training to become innovative, adaptive leaders in data driven decision making. They come from a range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and non-STEM departments and disciplinary backgrounds, and have a wide range of research and career goals. Yet they share three overarching goals:

  • to connect numbers and narratives for data driven decision making
  • to learn how to become a life-long learner
  • to embrace complexity in synthesizing theory and practice for actionable outcome

The NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) Program awarded Tufts University a $3M training grant for the project “Data Driven Decision Making to Address Complex Research Problems.” This grant funds many of our D3M@Tufts fellowships. Recipients of these fellowships are expected to complete a D3M@Tufts Certificate.

D3M@Tufts Certificate Requirements

Every D3M@Tufts fellow is expected to complete a D3M certificate. 

Research Fellowships

5 Research Fellows are chosen per year to receive 12 months of funding with a full stipend, tuition, and fees. This centerpiece of the program is designed to attract applications of the highest quality.

PFI Fellowships

10 PFI Fellows are chosen per year through a competitive application process. They work in teams to solve data-focused problems for a chosen thematic area.

Travel Fellowships

12 Travel Fellows are chosen per year for students to present their findings from the Interdisciplinary Immersion Program, Modular Course Element (MCE)-related project findings, and/or their own data-driven research at national and international conferences.