Participants should check their email for links to the full schedule, logistics, and other information and updates.

Note: The directors have requested that all participants prepare a short, introductory presentation (max. 5 minutes/3 slides) regarding your research question and source materials for the first day.

7/18/18 update: The institute meeting space has been moved to the  Granoff Music Center Varis Lecture Hall (Granoff 155) on 20 Talbot Avenue.

If arriving via public transportation, you want the College Ave @ Dearborn Road stop (north bound on College Ave) or College Ave @ Professors Row (south bound on College Ave).

The schedule and related materials are available on Moodle, an open source classroom management system.

First, register as an external Moodle user with Humboldt University Berlin, the host of the site.

The course site is available here: