Date Speaker Title
Nov 1
Samuel Lelièvre
Université Paris-Sud, Université Paris-Saclay
Periodic billiard trajectories in the regular pentagon
Nov 8 Aritro Pathak
Brandeis University
Invariant measures and the set of exceptions to Littlewood’s conjecture after Einsiedler, Katok, Lindenstrauss
Nov 12
Giovanni Gallavotti
Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”
Reversibility and nonequilibrium ensembles in
stationary Navier Stokes equation
Nov 22
Alba Marina Málaga Sabogal
Unique ergodicity for infinite area translation surfaces
Dec 6
Diana Davis
Swarthmore College and ICERM
Tiling billiards and interval exchange transformations
Jan 17, 2020 Yiftach Dayan
Technion | Israel Institute of Technology
Random walks on tori and an application to normal numbers in self-similar sets
Feb 28, 2020 Qingshuo Song
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Solvability of nonlinear Dirichlet problems with fractional differential operators
Mar 21–22, 2020 AMS Sectional Meeting, Tufts University—CANCELLED (COVID-19)
Apr 3, 2020 Kostas Spiliopoulos
Boston University—CANCELLED (COVID-19)
Apr 17, 2020 Daniel Glasscock
University of Massachusetts, Lowell—CANCELLED (COVID-19)

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