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The Chef’s Special Dough


By W. George Scarlett

Image by Marko Kafé, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I have sometimes wondered how came the stars,

Not to mention the moon and Mars.

Are they someone’s leftover Christmas tree snow?

Or perhaps they are mothballs – I really don’t know.

But of all the stories of stars and the rest,

I think that this one sounds like the best.

Some gigantic chef, a long time ago,

Was baking the moon out of very special dough.

He made it big,

And he made it bright.

Then he put it up

To shine at night.

But after he finished making the moon,

He noticed some dough was left in the spoon.

He thought to himself, 

“What shall I do with that?

There’s not enough there

To feed to the cat.”

So, he scraped it all off

Into a dustpan,

Then threw it out the window

As if it were sand.

But as we all know,

This was very special dough,

And it never did fall to the ground.

Instead, it flew high

Up into the sky,

Then scattered itself all around.

So now when you look

At the moon and Mars

And you happen to wonder

How small are the stars,

The reason is,

I hope you now know,

They came from what’s left

Of the chef’s special dough!