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A Turtle’s Tail: Tilly Turtle and the Leach​

This entry is part 3 of 8 in the series Pond Life

Written and Illustrated by Anastasia Brennan | It was a Sunday afternoon, and Tillie Turtle lay around,
At the pond with other turtles
Who hardly made a sound.
Tilly splish-splashed in the water
When a leech swam up and got her!

Augario's Adventures in Evaporating Featured Image

Free eBook- Augario’s Adventures in Evaporating

By Allison Choi, illustrations by Kirsten Malsam | Anthropomorphizing to explain nature need not, indeed should not, be limited to explaining nonhuman animals. Even the elusive chemistry in evaporative cooling can become intuitively understood by children, if only we bring that chemistry alive — as Allison Choi and Kirsten Malstem’s story clearly illustrates.

Stewart’s Travels — A Story About Keystone Animals

Alexa Galuppo & Hannah Mascuch | The following e-books about keystone animals illustrate how we might get even very young children started on a pathway toward thinking in terms of systems – the kind of thinking central to being an earth steward.