Senior Capstone Projects Summary for the 2012-13 Academic Year

Red Team

Anders Simpson-Wolf, Ramanjit Singh, Scott Staniewicz, Michael Tran
AR Drone for Structural Health Monitoring: Using image processing and RFID technology to automate the detection of structural cracks in bridge structures.

Orange Team

Ross Beighley, Tyler Heck
Cell Stimulus and Response Simulation System: Building a system to automate the introduction of chemicals into neuron cells to aid researchers in identifying cellular response mechanisms.

Yellow Team

Nicholas Ferrentino, Denise Nguyen, Mical Nobel, Hassan Oukacha
Digitally Measuring Outflow Resistance/Facility of an Eye: Designing a digital tonometer to assist ophthalmologists and optical technicians to measure intraocular pressure to determine the presence of glaucoma.
The Yellow Team members, along with Engineering Psychology student Bianka Mejia, were awarded the 2013 Stephen and Geraldine Ricci Interdisciplinary Prize, which is awarded annually to student teams that demonstrate exceptional interdisciplinary engineering design and entrepreneurial spirit.

Winners of the annual Ricci prize explain the story behind their project, which seeks to build an improved ophthalmological device for the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.

Green Team

Thomas Cahill
Steinway Piano Signal Distribution: Designing the circuitry and software to process electronic piano keyboard signals faster than the human perception threshold to eliminate the noticeable musical delay.

Blue Team

Edwin V. Babbitt IV, Meth Bandara, Haris Iqbal
Solar Insolation Calibrator: Designing and building a photo-voltaic sensor array on a geodesic dome to derive the solid angle of incident light to determine the position of the sun.blue_team_project_2013

Burgundy Team

Ronald Hong, Daniel Kotin
Personalization and Improvement of Home Automation: Dreating a wireless sensor network to detect the presence of people to facilitate automation and efficiency of home energy usage and appliances.

Infrared Team

Brennon Costello, Joshua Elliott
Digital Control of 3D Metal Prototyping: Developing and Designing a three dimensional positioning system and thermal control for rapid prototyping of metal objects.