Orange Team 2016

Alex Goldschmidt, Jake Hellman, Alexander Yared

WiSK – Wireless Security for Keyless-entry

WiSK (Wireless Security for Keyless-entry) is a wireless device which adds a layer of encryption on top of standard keyless entry devices in order to protect them against replay attacks. WiSK generates a secure code that can be decrypted on the receiving end. This allows the authenticity of the source to be confirmed. The device’s principal uses are to secure garage doors and vehicles equipped with remote keyless entry systems. By virtue of its wireless capabilities, WiSK can be easily integrated on top of any pre-existing keyless entry system.
Orange Team: Jam-Intercept-replay attack

Diagram of a Jam Intercept Replay Attack using RollJam technology

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Orange Team Project Poster

Orange Team Project Poster.

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