Purple Mountain’s Majesty Team 2018

Justin Jo, Thomas Rind

Smart House Food Management System

An American family of four throws out 14% of their food annually which can cost around $589.76 each year. Perishables account for most of the food wasted with fruits and vegetables being thrown out the most. There is a multitude of reasons why food is wasted but the two biggest reasons are food is not used in time or too much food is cooked. The concept of food management is vital to saving money, time, and energy on meals. In order to address this issue, our team has developed a software and hardware solution that tackles one of the core sources of this issue: food management. We are building on the recent boom of the Internet of Things and creating a smart-home system that incorporates IoT principles. The system must be able to automatically track what items are present in the fridge based on available data from sensors. We will predict what items are placed in the fridge and calculate a confidence score based on aggregated data from users’ history and sensor information. If this data is insufficient to accurately determine what was entered, the user will be prompted for more information by an app. The system will minimize user interaction as much as possible by collecting accurate, usable data from the sensors. Our core mission is to create a food management system that tracks the food in the fridge mostly autonomously and helps a family prevent letting food go bad and over buying food. Our ultimate goal is to save families money and improve their eating habits by Spring 2018.

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