Tickle Me Pink Team 2018

John Patrick, Anthony Nguyen, Alexander Christenson, Stamatios Aleiferis

Modular Circuit for Oral Biosensor

A majority of Americans experience tooth decay at some point in their lives, with 27% of adults over the age of 65 having no teeth. Tooth decay is caused by increased levels of oral acidity due to high concentrations of bacteria; when oral pH drops below 5.5 enamel starts to erode damaging the tooth. Our project aims to combat this by giving the user real time feedback on their oral pH levels through a smartphone application which gathers data from a pH sensor and Bluetooth communication system mounted on a mouthguard and placed in the user’s mouth. The system which powers and transmits the data of a passive pH sensor could potentially be modified to get feedback on a variety of oral biomarkers by substituting another passive sensor with the pH sensor. Ideally the system will run without changing batteries for several months or causing significant discomfort to the use. The data from this device could be used to avoid tooth decay and allow healthcare providers to make more informed decisions. From this we hope to provide a convenient method for a user to take control of their oral health.

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