Banana Mania Team 2019

Vincent Bett, Raiyan Ishmam, Ashish Neupane

Make Wonders

Learning Computer Science has a high barrier to entry. After-school program educators need activities they can count on to be engaging, easy to set up and use in a short timeframe (less than an hour), and effective for learning core computer science and technology skills. Wonder Workshop’s interactive robots and BBC’s Micro:bit both aim to increase the breadth of such activities by making computer science more accessible to school children. The wide adoption of the Micro:bit into high school curricula has been very encouraging, and there is tremendous potential for upgrading the experience by involving Wonder Workshop’s interactive robots.

We built an interface between BBC’s Micro:bit and Wonder Workshop’s Cue line of robots. With help from the Museum of Science, we designed a short curriculum module to demonstrate some of its capabilities.

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