Red Team Team 2019

Nick Berger, Liam Crowley

Low Cost Ultra-Spectral Imaging

Low light and obfuscated environments are the unfortunate reality of most emergency response scenarios. Rescuer dependence on un-augmented senses can leave them unable to find those in need and unaware of dangers around them. Access to the thermal spectrum provides a different lens to analyze a situation, find targets, and identify hazards. Thermal imagers exist on the market, however they are prohibitively expensive and rarely hands-free. The team will create a portable, hands-free, multi-spectral camera to aid in disaster relief, as well as search-and-rescue. Sensors detecting long-wave thermal, near-wave infrared, and visible electromagnetic spectra will be integrated to provide users with potentially crucial information in life-or-death scenarios. By May 2019, the team aims to have a hands-free, portable, multi-spectral imaging prototype ready for use. The team hopes to assist firefighters, the National Guard, and other disaster relief organizations. Not only will these workers gain greater tactical efficiency and safety, but, hopefully, the victims of these tragedies will benefit, as well.

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