Apple Orchard​ Team 2023

Finn Tekverk, ECE​
Josh Kalet, ECE​
Adam Peters, CS​
Joseph Sinkovits, ECE

Selective Noise Headphones​

The ability to communicate in noisy environments can be crucial in many settings. Furthermore, it is often an inconvenience to communicate to others in noisy, public environments, such as on the train or airplane. This project implements Selectively Noise Canceling Headphones, which isolate human voices from a noisy environment, enabling more effective communication. The headphones use a binaural approach, first canceling all noise of the environment using active noise canceling implemented in hardware. Afterwards, the vocal data from the environment is isolated in software using spectral gating noise reduction paired with other simple filters. This isolated vocal signal is then fed into the headphone speakers, so that the user only hears a vocal signal from a noisy environment.

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