Unmellow Yellow​ Team 2023

Ryan McFarlane, ECE​
Khaled Ajaj, ECE​
Diego Griese, CS​
Alexandre Dumontheil, ECE

Firefighting Robot​

First responders often have to navigate dangerous terrains as a result of natural disasters when searching for survivors. Being able to remotely detect signs of life would be integral towards rescue efforts, permitting to better distribute rescue resources and limit the amount of time responders have to spend in danger. To address this, the Unmellow Yellow team decided to create a system of sensors that work simultaneously to measure different variables inferring the presence of humans in a surrounding area. This payload is designed to record infrared visuals, carbon dioxide readings, and audio signals. The data collected would then be wirelessly streamed to first responders to determine the likelihood of survivors contained in the immediate environment. Through a sequence of tests, the team was able to detect human presence using the integrated sensors, making this sensor package concept viable for future search and rescue operations.

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